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20th Century Fox was the best client I’ve ever had. The majority of their budget went towards traditional media, but they always reserved a little bit of funds for us to use at our discretion. Making the following campaigns was some of the most fun I’ve ever had working at an agency. In 2006, at the annual meeting of Latin and South American offices of Euro RSCG (now Havas), we were awarded the 4D New Media Agency of the Year. It was presented by Jacques Séguéla, former speechwriter to French president François Mitterrand, and the “S” in RSCG.

20th Century Fox

John Tucker Must Die

To promote John Tucker Must Die, a comedy about a cheating guy with three girlfriends seeking revenge, we filmed a “hidden camera” video with my $99 Sony digital camera. The actors are account executives from our agency. The dialogue is loosely translated to, “This is his photo. This is his car. All you want me to do is cut the brakes? Yes. What’s his name? Tucker. John Tucker.”

We sent this video to a mass email list and received more than 25% click-thrus.


To promote Borat we hired an actor to wear the Borat-kini and filmed “Borat” visiting popular destinations in Puerto Rico.

We sent this calendar to movie critics and the press inviting them to an advance screening.

And they loved it. For our efforts we won a Cúspide, a local advertising award. To see more Borat in Puerto Rico videos, click here.

The Omen

To promote The Omen, a supernatural horror film, we targeted the opening date of the movie: June 6, 2006, or 6/6/06. Our goal was to play on the idea of an apocalyptic ending to the world. First, we created a Geocities-like website with copy found from actual “end-of-the-world” sites. It included a loud, ominous, ticking, countdown clock.


It also autoplayed this scary music which looped in the background. Clicking anywhere on the site took you to the official website for The Omen.


We hired a guerrilla graffiti company to spray paint this stencil all over San Juan. The web address,, or, directed users to our fake website. We got into trouble with the law over this and I believe the graffiti company went out of business after this promotion.

We hired this actor to play a priest and proselytize about the end of the world. Here he is in historic Old San Juan.

He handed out these flyers.

The actor was assaulted by at least one elderly woman.

The police were called twice. He quit because of all the trouble.

We proposed this idea to be included with popcorn at the theaters.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

To promote My Super Ex-Girlfriend, a comedy starring Uma Thurman as a jealous superhero, we created these court orders “summoning” the press to an advance screening. We hired a former police officer to appear in full uniform and serve these papers.

Heineken and 20th Century Fox

A cross-promotion with Heineken featuring the first “brew ‘n view” in Puerto Rico.