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Periocular polyphemusitis, also known as subway tunnel vision, can occur under stress, anxiety, and intense periods of adrenaline production. In New York City the condition is rampant especially on its transit systems.

Symptoms include headache, back pain, foot pain, and a powerful aversion to looking into the eyes of fellow riders.

Close quarters can rapidly induce periocular polyphemusitis.

This person has entirely succumbed to its effects.

Periocular polyphemusitis can affect up to 99% of New York City’s population. In recent years billions of dollars in lost productivity was associated with polyphemusitis. Given its rising prevalence these costs are likely to increase substantially unless countered by better public health or medical interventions.

Fortunately there is a solution: meet them where they gaze.

Find the nooks, corners, and crannies where their tunnel vision has settled—and offer empathy and relief.

Help defeat periocular polyphemusitis before it’s too late.